About Us...

Welcome y'all, we hope you enjoy our Site as much as we enjoyed making it, we want to bring y'all a piece of each one of us. As well what we want to bring to the table. To us every design has a significant meaning or a story behind it. We are young Chicano college students who have a passion and a story.  

- Brena Clothing

Hey y'all, my name is Diana Brena and I am the founder of Brena Clothing.

 I thought it to be a great opportunity to just share my story and encourage others to fight for what they believe in. For those wondering who I am well, I am first generation college student, my Major is Biology and I hope to one day have a profession in which I can do more for others. 

As a Woman with the privilege to have an opportunity i hope to be able to use my resources to guide others and demonstrate to them why its important to have an education or a small simple profession, I want to encourage others to fight for their dreams one day at a time.

like a wise woman once told, all we have is time, time is endless...we are not, make it worth is but with patience. 

For me being the first Girl, daughter and member of my family to go to college, I know i will do it, just one day at a time.

Some of y'all may wonder, how did i do it, honestly I don't know, I just had great friends by my side and a supporting mother to help me. 

Thank y'all so much, I know y'all will love what me and my team will bring to the table.

XOXO - Diana